Hefei Dadoudou Education Technology Co., Ltd. takes the development objective of “Let everyone have the power to change the world”, through advanced technological means and high-quality educational content, to help more users to enhance their confidence, achieve their wishes, and complete their expected goals .

K12 door-to-door tutoring brand “Doudou Tutor” has now achieved full online and offline coverage of more than 300,000 primary, junior, and high school families in Hefei. For the first time, it proposed to use the city as a unit to provide personalized teachers for families, and further solve the problems of imbalance and inadequacy in the development of education. Taking the social problems defined by the Ministry of Education as insufficient and personalized supply of education and high-quality educational resources that are difficult to meet the growing needs of families as the company’s mission to move forward, we are constantly innovating and making progress.


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